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Castaway Kitchen is a new festival food stall washing up on the shores of musical festivals and events. We are a family run business and evolved from a love of food, travel, music, surfing and the outdoor life.


The three main protagonists are Jonathan, Scott and Sally:


Having been a teacher for too many years to recall, Jonathan decided it was time to rediscover his love of festivals, outdoor life and put his cookery skills to work. Having lived and taught in Cyprus and spent many days propping up beach shacks-bars, the popular Greek street food ‘gyros’ popular all over the Mediterranean, seemed the perfect food for festival goers; being healthy, filling and perfect for one handed activities!


Scott has been attending festivals since he was knee high to a Cabin Boy and after working for a festival food company in 2014, finally found a way to combine his love of Festivals, music, camping and cooking while making a living. Scott has also worked as a cameraman in films such as Red2 and Malificent and is also a tree surgeon. (Available for jobs large and small!)


Sally is the glue that keeps the company together. Having lived in Hong Kong, Sally has always had a love of travelling and good street food. Sally’s creative ideas and accountancy skills are the hub of the business. Sally also works with silver and fuses glass when she is not serving customers and working in an Architects office.


The environment is important to us. We love the beach and spending time by the sea, that is why we support Surfers Against Sewage and Beach Clean. Over the season we collect donations for these charities from our lovely customers and they go to help keep Britain’s beaches and seas some of the cleanest and loveliest in Europe.


Our ‘beach shack’ style stall is made using recycled and up cycled materials and we recycle our vegetable oil for use as biodiesel.



Your bag shouldn't just carry your stuff, it should protect it.


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